From Alaska, my ancestors migrated and moved further south. They eventually ended up with groups in North and South America. They were the first inhabitants of this new land. So just like my ancestors, I will be traveling from Alaska into what is now the United States, my home.

I will be leaving Alaska on July 21st at 1:40 am and will arrive in Buffalo at 7:53 pm. My flight costs approximately $284.
From Buffalo I will take a 2 hour drive back to Port Allegany, where I live.


My journey lasted a total of 6 weeks and I can truly say that I have learned more in just those 6 weeks than I have in my whole life. I feel more connected to my ancestors than I ever have before. The people I visited are all linked back to me somehow and this is truly remarkable.

This whole trip has cost me a little over $8,000. I am very thankful that each group I visited allowed me to stay with them and share their food, this really cut back on my expenses because I did not have to pay for a hotel or meals. I think the biggest lesson I learned while on my journey is that humans actually need very little to survive. Staying with all of the indigenous people really showed me that television, cell phones, cars and all the things I have grown accustomed to using in my daily life are just luxuries. All one really needs are the basics: food, water and shelter.

Tonight I will sleep very well in my own house and my own bed, something I am truly greatful for.