Siberia is my next stop on my world journey to discover the ancient migration pattern of man. There is a remote tribe living somewhere in Siberia called the
Chuk Chi. I believe these people will hold the genetic marker that I have found in Africa, Australia, India, and Kazahkstan. I have flown from Almaty, Kazahkstan to Moscow Russia and will hire a guide to show me where these remote people live. I am using an old Soviet tank for transportation as it is one of the few modes of transportation to the middle of the sea of white that is the snow and ice of Siberia. This comes at a cost however and I am forced to spend a combined total of
$2500. I hope it will be worth the investment. My tour guide has chosen to walk for a few days to meet us on the way. I am hopeful that we are able to find him. We finally meet up after a few hours.