australia.jpgMy flight to the airport in Sydney, Australia leaves on June 18th at 11:05 AM. After some hard goodbyes I have departed from the San Bushmen and I am prepared for the next part of my journey. This part of the journey will take me to australia where the members of haplogroup M journeyed thousands of years ago. I'll only be spending a short amount of time here examining rock paintings and other signs left behind by our ancient ancestors. The room and flight will cost me $1,372 I check into my room on the 19th. Most of my time will be spent out examining things left behind by the People who journeyed here thousands of years ago.

The picture to the left is a picture of some Australian Aboriginals, ancestors of the ancient people carrying the genetic marker Dr. Wells was searching for. During his time here, Spencer Wells searched for ancient artifacts around a dried up lake, proof that these people had been here. Wells was able to trace the haplogroup M to the ancestors of the San Bushmen that had journeyed here to Australia so many years ago. The artifacts that he found helped him look into what their lives would have been like so many years ago.
The picture to the right is a picture of a rock painting. Spencer Wells observed the rock paintings left behind by the aboriginal people of Australia to see what stories they told of their lives. It is another look into the lives of the ancient people carrying around the genetic marker that Spencer Wells was following.

I'm preparing to set off on the next part of my journey. I'm going to continue following haplogroup M to India. In India, Spencer Wells tested peoples DNA until he found someone belonging to this group. This supported Spencer Wells theory of the San Bushmen traveling to Australia through India. So far It has taken me about a week and a half to follow the steps of our ancestors. It's amazing that they survived the harsh conditions and circumstances they faced when making this journey on foot thousands of years ago. I'm greatful to have airplanes and hotel rooms! Now to India...