earth.jpgI'm about to set out on a journey. This journey will trace the paths taken by Spencer Wells in his recent documentary Journey of Man. The paths he took are what he believes to be the paths of our ancient ancestors. Spencer Wells used genetics markers to form this path. He followed the genetic markers found in DNA to see how our ancestors migrated and populated the Earth. I'll go from Africa to Australia. Next would be India and then Kazakhstan. After that is Russia and then I will be back in America... Home Sweet Home!

In each of these countries I'll take time to explore the culture. I'm no scientist so I won't be testing DNA like Spencer Wells. I'll just be experiencing the diversity caused by our DNA. It's going to be an expensive trip with many tiring plane rides but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Spencer Wells is part of the Genographic Project. This project is collecting DNA from people from all countries to help uncover more details about the path that the Africans took when they left Africa and began populating the Earth. Spencer Wells documentary shows him collecting blood and testing it. It also shows him experiencing the culture of the people he met with.

I hope this will be a very exciting journey. I look forward to visiting all the places Dr. Wells did and experiencing some new cultures. I'm hoping not to be gone to long... maybe just a month or so. Here I go...