According to Spencer Wells, the people of Africa then migrated to Australia. This seems like an impossible journey, but that is what the genetic markers tell us. The probably followed the coastline of southern Asia, across all the little islands separating the Atlantic and Indian oceans, and ended up in Australia. The people who live there now are known as Indigenous Australians, or Aborigines. I hopped on the plane from Sir Seretse Khama International Airport to Melbourne Airport for $1,182. I arrived at 9:00 PM and decided to get a hotel for the night to recoup from all the time that I spent sleeping on the dirt floors of the San huts. It was about 100 bucks.

The next day I got up bright and early to rent a car. I got one from Avis for 135 US dollars. After another long drive into the wilderness of a foreign country, I happened upon an Aborigine settlement. The Aborigines welcomed me with open arms. They, like the San, live in a desert/grassland habitat. Along with the humans that lived there, there were remains of ancient fires and campsites encapsulated by the sand. These aborigines are part of the haplogroup C (M130).
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