I will now take a plane from New Delhi, India to Almaty, Kazahkstan costing $507 and lasting 34 hours. I rent a car to make my across the vast country but spend
$758.47. I will travel around Kazahkstan taking samples of various Kazahks to find the genetic marker that I have been longing to find. Spencer Wells believes that the people living here connect all of the people that I have previously met that have the genetic marker. Upon arrival in Kazahkstan I find the area to be quite dry and very mountainous.. It reminds me of my home which is very hilly. These mountains contain very little vegetation, unlike the Pennsylvania hills. I finally find it after much digging through data on my computer. The marker is an amazing find, and I am extremely joyous over the discovery. This man and others belong to Haplogroup R. I find the man who has donated the blood to tell him of his significance in our world. This man shares features of all the people I have met before. The man is happy to hear what news I have brought and is proud to be related to the ancestors that were the first to come to this land. He then invites me to stay at his house for a while for a celebration. I am surprised by the offer but graciously accept. This party is like none I have ever experienced. First we have a buffet feast with a main dish of lamb called Basturma. Then after the dinner feast, we celebrate with much dancing and they teach me some traditional Kazahk songs. I have an incredible time with the man and his family but I tell him my journey must continue. We say goodbye and I venture onward to Siberia.
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