I am about to embark on a journey to discover how mankind has migrated throughout the world. I will retrace the geneticist, Spencer Wells, travels that he made on his Journey of Man documentary. Spencer Wells provided an understanding to the scientific community of where our ancestors came from and when and where they migrated to. This research allows normal guys like me to discover how our family has moved about the world in the past. I will begin my journey in Botswana to visit the San Bushmen tribe. They are the oldest people on the Earth, genetically speaking. They are indiginous to Africa. They are part of Haplogroup A (M91). I will depart from Rochester, NY on June 8. I will take a flight with four stops costing $1606 and lasting 29 hours. I rented a car for four days costing $377. I traveled the distance to the San Bushman tribe. I met with the local leaders and asked them about their lives. These people are directly linked to the ancient ancestor of all humans. These people welcomed me with open arms and let me stay in their society for a few days. I learned their ways and took blood samples to discover the ancient DNA. I participated in everything that an average adult male would participate in. This involves hunting for food, such as buck and zebra. They took me out on a hunting expedition and even armed me with one of their weapons. They use poison tipped arrows and spears to kill the animals. The land that they live on is all desert with some plant life. I do not understand how any human or animal could live in this area for so long. We did not find anything on our trip, so we went back to the village where the women had prepared a meal of a mixture of berries, fruits and nuts.

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After discovering the genetic marker in the San Bushmen tribe I traveled to Australia, where the genetic marker shows up next.