I will now travel to Sydney, Australia and then to the aboriginal tribes of Australia, to find the genetic marker. Spencer Wells believed that our ancestors traveled across the Asian continent to present-day Australia thousands of years ago. The flight will be a non-stop flight costing $1095. I will rent a car for three days and spend $252.09. I then drive to meet the Aborigines and stay with them for three days. They are part of Haplogroup C (M130). I will stay in their society much like I did with the San Bushmen. I take blood samples from the men of the tribe and tell them my story and what I am trying to discover. They are friendly enough but believe that in their own creation myths and stories. The three days that I spend in their society is a worthwhile experience and I learn a lot about the Aboriginal culture. I enjoy my time in Australia and find that the Australian and Aboriginal societies are amazing to be a part of. We ate a meal consisting of freshly killed kangaroo as well as an assortment of plants that are found in the Aboriginal homeland. Their land is more hospitable than the Bushmen, but it still baffles me how our ancestors could have lived here and made the journey all those years ago. The land is dry and once again a desert, but the plant life increases as you near the coast. These plants were yams, onions, spinach, tomatoes, berries, and grass seed. I fully enjoy my stay with the Aboriginal people, but I must now continue on my journey. My next stop will be in India.
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