I will now travel to India. This is where Spencer Wells believes the genetic marker will show up next. He believes that our ancestors traveled through this land to reach Australia, so it is possible that some stayed behind. I haved booked a flight from Sydney, Australia to New Delhi, India costing $862. I have rented a car for one week and have booked a hotel for the amount of time I will be staying in the area. My hotel will cost a total of $182 and my car rental will total $649.96.
I have taken many blood samples from the Indians that have lived in the area the longest. I like India very much as it looks the most like my homeland. That isn't saying much though. It just isn't a desert like Australia or Africa. These people live in Madurai, India. It takes me a little time, but I eventually find a participant with the genetic marker in his DNA. These people were more than happy to help me on my mission. They showed me their village and their day to day customs. I find the one that I am looking for and ask him about his heritage and ancestors. He explains that his family has always lived in that area of India. I told him that his DNA held the key to discovering the migration patterns of our human ancestors. They are part of Haplogroup M.
While in India, I had to grow accustomed to the sweltering heat of the land and partook in their ethnic foods. I ate some chicken curry which was very delicious and many other food that were loaded with spices that I had never before tried.

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I will now travel to Kazahkstan for my next exciting genographic adventure.