Day one I am preparing to leave for Botswana, Africa. Here I will spend time living with the San Bushmen, who Spencer Wells believed are the ancestors of all mankind. I booked a flight on Expedia for $2,910 leaving from the Buffalo airport at 6:05 AM! Many Planes and 33 hours later, I arrive in Botswana ready to find the San Bushman. I will be staying with the San Bushman and experiencing their ways of life in order to truly get an idea of what the people were like that had left Botswana so many years ago and begun the journey that populated the Earth.

One difference I noticed immediately was the language difference. The San Bushmen use a complicated language that involves clicking. Also, the Bushmen are hunter gatherers who depend on the environment for everything they need to survive. The picture above shows two men starting a fire with a stick as opposed to matches or a lighter. It's hard to believe these are the ancestors of the people who made the journey to Australia so many years ago. After spending a few days with the Bushmen, I think them for providing food and shelter and allowing me to stay with them. They have shown great hospitality. Now I'm heading off to my next stop, Australia.
The first group to leave Africa is known in the Genographic project as the L3 group. The members of this group split up and went many different directions but the ones I am going to follow are the members of the Haplogroup M. They followed a coastal route from Africa through Asia and ended up in Australia.